• Me: *goes to school without make-up*
  • Everyone: Are you sick?
  • Everyone: Is everything alright?
  • Everyone: Why do you look so sad?
  • Everyone: You look drunk.
  • Everyone: Were you crying?
  • Everyone: What's wrong with your face?
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what we all want in life is to be loved and understood, that’s all

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Late night studying has become a routine to me for the past weeks. I wouldn’t mind, if only at this part of the day my brain wouldn’t be buzzing from all that hard work and the thoughts of him… At the time while I’m studying, there is always music playing on my pc. I’m so in to my books that I barely notice the music at the background, but when I do I always hear lyrics that I can relate to him. Ugh, it’s so hard to cope with womans brain,hahaa

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I’m probably like the only person who scrolls over their own tumblr and thinks :”Oooou, I should reblog this!”

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For the past week there are too many thoughts running through my head - school, grades, exams, future, dance lessons, love life (?) etc. I kept my emotions inside and they were growing and growing,but wednesday was the breaking point for me… I cried for two days straight untill today when I realised that nothing is gonna change from my crying. I’m just upsetting myself and the people around me. Over these two days I’ve heard such a great consolation from others and thanks to them I’ve got my shit together again. All I can say is that I’m so thankful that I have such astounding friends around me that always can find a way to cheer me up! Even though there are things that I just can’t forget or erase from my brain cells…

These are just problems that sound so painful to me right now, but I know that one day I will look back and laugh about them! (:

Anyways, today my thoughts run around the lyrics - It’s Friday, I’m in love , by The Cure , because finally there is an actual time that I can devote only to myself! I’m watching movies, drinking rum&cola and thinking - one week, only one week and all the sorrow will be gone until the next semester (after the Winter break).

At least I hope that you, my munchkins, are doing wonderfull at this time of the year!! Every single one of you deserve it!!!

Have a nice weekend,

xo, Christiana

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why do we always crave what we can’t have?

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Anonymous asked: Hey you, lovey girl! I must say- your blog is really amazing! :) I decided I would like to know more about you.. Do you mind answering a couple of questions? What's your favorite:1)Color 2)Drink 3)Music bands/artists 4)actor or actress 5) book 6)magazine 7)drink 8)cocktail 9)movie 10)song? and what's 11)your idol 12)talents 13) favorite free time activities 14)quote 15)something you hate 16)your dream job 17)favorite food 18)favorite school subjects? I would appreciate if you answered:)Take care

Hello, anon! (:

I’m so, so sorry for the long wait for this answer! Friday it was my birthday and these past days I just didn’t have much time for tumblr, but now I’m back!

Thank you very much, you made me blush,hahaa

Sure, I would love to answer these questions, why not!

  1. I don’t have one particular color that I like, but in this case I will say… umm, burgundy and turquoise.
  2. If non-alcocholic then I must say water, coke or fanta, if alcocholic then rum&cola, champagne, wine or Baileys irish cream.
  3. I seriously listen to alot of music. You can’t see me without my earphones anywhere. That’s why there are too many bands and artists that I like, but here are some of them - The Offspring; The Black Keys; Guns ‘n Roses; The Pretty Reckless; The Vaccines; Nirvana; Foo Fighters etc.
  4. Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence.
  5. Probably ”The Hunger Games” trilogy because those books I can re-read all the time. And maybe series of ”The Secret” books. Those I read everytime I feel down and absolutely worthless…
  6. Cosmopolitan
  7. Already answered that on question nr.2
  8. My favourite definitely is Cuba Libre.
  9. Again, I’m also a movie and tv series freak! There are too many that’s why I will tell you just few of them - ”Crazy,Stupid,Love”; ”The Breakfast Club”; ”The Hunger Games”; ”The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”; ”Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”; ”Now You See Me”; ”Burlesque”; ”Easy A” etc.
  10. At the moment my favourite songs are The Kills - Last Day Of Magic; The Strokes - Tap Out; Jack White - Love Interruption; Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
  11. My mother
  12. Umm… I’m sorry, but I’m really self critisizing person and I can’t quite judge if I have any talents or not.
  13. Dancing (latvian folk dance), drawing, meeting up with my friends, traveling.
  14. My favourite quotes also change all the time , but at the time my favourites are both from ”The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”.”We accept the love we think we deserve” and ‘'So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.”
  15. I hate when people lie and don’t have the guts to tell the truth, I hate when people chew food loudly and talk with a mouth full of food.
  16. Probably something to do with traveling and other languages.
  17. I’m a tumblr girl, I just can’t get enough of pizzas.
  18. English, History, Latvian language and literature, sport.
I guess that’s it! (:
Thank you very much for the effort you put in those questions! It was fun to answer them,haha 
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